Music Coaching

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Albert Chin

( Guitar/Ukelele )

9756 2017

Get from a complete newbie to playing some songs in this lesson!! How to hold it, the tuning, how to strum it and a few of the most basic chords.


Leon Ng

( Piano/Keyboard )

8492 1842

Have you ever felt like playing like mozart? Here is your chance now! Sign up for our piano lessons and we will cover all the basics

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Joyce Lee

( Violin/Viola )

9482 1230

Felt sick and tired of all the squeaky sounds u make while playing the violin/viola due to the lack of experience? Hurry up and sign up for our violin classes!


Wayne Lee

( Flute/Clarinet )

9183 0842

The woodwind family is a huge family and flute is one of the oldest ones, hence it will be interesting to learn one! So hurry up and sign up for our classes as our qualified teacher will guide you and ensure that you will turn out to be an experienced player.

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Gregory Tan

( Drums )

8373 1298

Drummer is one of the most important role in the band and therefore it will be interesting to learn the drum! Join our class as our teachers are qualified and they will gladly teach you the basics and become an experienced drummer.


Isabelle Fong

( Saxaphone )

8314 0947

Join our saxophone course to learn to play this versatile instrument as it is very interesting and fun to do so! So hurry up and sign up for our courses!

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James Cheng

( Trombone )

9530 2839

Pump up the bass and kickstart your learning experience by signing up for our trombone session today! Our teachers will guide you to be an outstanding trombone player and you will get a chance to play in brass band!