Find your tone • Define your world

The T1 Concierge is a modern music center that offers lessons as well as our very own musical instruments to spice up your musical journey. We will help to find your own unique style and tone. Having a group of experienced tutor that are passionate in guiding students on their musical path.

The T1 Concierge started in 2016, by Mr Chin who is tired of having to go through what everyone else does and has and not having his own unique style, which the artists around the world has figured out theirs.

Hence, he came up with this company to start helping people to find out their own tone through the techniques that he came up with after years of trial and error. Alongside with passionate people he met on his musical journey around the world, who shares the same goal with him.

Therefore, finally coming up with the company's motto :

Find your tone • Define your world

Ensure that your musical journey would be a fulfilling one when you have us by your side, to guide you!